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We know source code is one of your most sensitive assets. Every component of Sourcegraph was designed with security as our top priority. This Trust Center details our comprehensive security program, where you can find information and request access to documents to validate our security measures.

Security is woven into the fabric of everything we build at Sourcegraph. Our code intelligence platform demonstrates our continued commitment to empowering developers with the tools for your devs to do their best work while safeguarding what matters most—your source code.

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    Is there a way to block all non-permissive code (copyrighted code) from being suggested by Cody?
    Is multi-currency supported? Please list currencies.
    Do you have any limit that needs to be stated explicitly to customers on the your acceptable usage policies or licensing rights?
    Provide a copy of Sourcegraph's data processing agreement. DPA
    What security detection and response features do you have implemented on your email applications and is it integrated into your SOAR system? (Reference Endpoint Protection tab]
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If you think you may have discovered a vulnerability, please send us a note.

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